Find Green Contractors To Help Build Your Dream Home

Almost every aspect of construction can be improved to minimize burden on natural resources when green contractors are included as part of the overall construction plan.

Once architects familiar with green building techniques have designed a building, green contractors, specialists in the individual systems that come together to construct the building, perform the actual work of constructing it. Green contractors employ techniques and materials that help sustain the environment in the most beneficial way possible.

Green contractors specializing in plumbing systems are in high demand due to the increasing incidence of drought being experienced across the country. These specialists employ energy-efficient means of heating and transporting water and of making the best use of recycled wastewater. One example of their work is when rainwater collection systems are used for irrigation instead of relying on public water supplies.

Green contractors specializing in woodwork are used throughout the construction process. Framers can use woods that are not chemically treated or that come from trees not endangered. Whenever possible, green contractors are encouraged to use materials gleaned from the construction site, such as the wood from trees felled to clear the land for the construction site itself.

Green contractors use products that are considered rapidly renewable, such as bamboo, straw, and cork. Wood from forests deemed to be sustainably managed is also allowed in green building.

Finish work done by green contractors for carpentry, cabinetry, and trim work must also be from rapidly renewable sources whenever possible.

In order to be classified as green contractors, painters must use only paints that are made from milk or other organic bases. No toxic substances are allowed.

Stonemasons who are considered green contractors will often use stones, rocks, and pebbles gathered from the construction site or from nearby locations.

In fact, all building materials are best when they come from sources as close to the construction site as possible. The shorter the distance of transport, the less gasoline, and its expense and damage to the environment, the better for everyone.

Another highly desirable practice of green contractors is to recycle used building materials whenever feasible. Demolition companies are a good source of materials that can be recycled, renewed, and reused in green building construction.

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