Learn How To Find A Green Builder

While the desire to have a building constructed using green builder techniques is a trend gaining in popularity, the challenge in getting a green home built may begin with finding a qualified green builder in your area.

Green building employs the use of a different set of systems, materials, and techniques than those used in standard construction practices. The people qualified to construct a green building must be thoroughly trained in using these systems, materials, and techniques effectively.

In the United States, green builders have developed a highly organized system of regulatory entities that also provide contact information for their members. In order to join these organizations, the green builder must have clearly documented his or her ability, skill, and knowledge of the green building industry.

Local city and state brotherhoods of builders situated throughout the country will gladly supply a list of their members, too. Local chapters of building trades unions are an excellent source of information.

Building contractors are required to register their businesses or obtain licensing from the state in which they operate. A review of the license holders in your area will likely identify those qualified as green builders.

Real estate trade journals and advertisements clearly identify a green builder from the typical builder. Real estate agents and brokers are another good source of information when researching the right green builder for a particular project.

Real estate development projects designed for green construction only is a rapidly growing trend in the real estate market. Any development offering such a lifestyle will have a green builder as part of the development program.

The architects who design green buildings will have a list of favorite green builder associates they can recommend, too.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed the EnergyStar rating program for identifying buildings that are energy efficient. The green builder associated with individual buildings or approved as government-recognized green builders can be obtained from the EPA.

Anyone who has had a building constructed using green building standards and materials will almost always share their experience proudly with anyone who cares to ask. The very best recommendations come from happy customers who are delighted with their new energy-efficient home that is as healthy and comfortable for the people as it is for the environment.

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